SVHS Band Philosophy and Objectives


     The band is comprised of interested music students in grades 9 through 12 that meet prerequisite skill levels on their instrument.  The Majorettes, Flag Corps, and Feature Twirler make up the auxiliary units. Membership in the auxiliary sections is by audition. Students are expected to participate in mini-camp, band camp, after-school rehearsals, performances, and special trips.




  1. That each student reaches his/her full musical potential.
  2. That each student grows socially, both as individuals and as a group.
  3. To promote school spirit.
  4. To encourage and support interest in the area of fine arts.
  5. To create and maintain satisfactory public relations with our community and persons with whom we come in contact.
  6. To develop a high standard of musical performance as individuals and as a group.
  7. To develop and maintain high standards of scholarship, leadership, and individual responsibility, discipline, high moral character, and social contact.



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